1- Responsible Party

  • Holder: MIMIQUE C.B.
  • Avenida. Hermanos Menéndez Pidal, Nº34-Oficina 3 - 33005 OVIEDO
  • Spain
  • CIF E74426966
  • E-mail: info@mimique.es

2- Purpose

Any personal information that the user shares through the registration form in our website (www.mimique.es), as well as anything the user may share in the future, will be included into a registry of activities of data use of www.mimique.es and maintained under its responsibility.

The purpose of such a registry is to manage the relationship between www.mimique.es with the website users, other clients and to provide them with the information they ask for as well as the management that hire us. Also, it will help us to keep you informed about our services, using the user’s email address or other contact data provided by the user with their express consent. The information provided in our data collection forms is given voluntarily; nevertheless, if this information is not provided, we will not be able to offer the user our services. It will be the user’s responsibility to maintain their information up to date. Any false or inaccurate statement that might occur as a result of the data provided, as well as the damages that this information might cause www.mimique.es will be the user’s responsibility.

Personal data will be kept until the user’s request that they are not, with a limit of 6 years.

3- Legal Basis

The legal basis for your data use is your given agreement. www.mimique.es will not take any automatic decisions, profiles or logic applied to your data. We will not deal with specially protected data.

4- Third Parties

www.mimiquebags.us will not share any data to third-parties unless mandated legally.

5- Rights

Anyone has the right to know if www.mimique.es is sharing any personal data. Anyone interested has the right to access their personal information, as well as to rectify inaccurate data or to delete data when the data is obsolete and no longer used for the original purposes.

In specific circumstances, the interested parties can ask to limit how their data is being used, and in this case the data will be reserved only for claims defence.

In specific circumstances and for reasons related to the specific situation, the interested parties could oppose to the use of their data. www.mimique.es will stop using this data, unless imperative reasons are provided or the exercise of possible claims.

Summary of Rights

Right to request own personal data.
Right to request for their data correction or deletion.
Right to request to limit the data use.
The right to oppose to the data use.
The right to the portability of the data.
The right to withdraw access given.

The user could exercise the above mentioned rights an any time, expressing it in writing to the email address: info@mimique.es or by mail to: Avenida Hermanos Menendez Pidal, 34, Oficina 3- 33005 Oviedo (Asturias) Spain.

In order to be able to change your data use it will be necessary to check the user’s identity, and the user will need to include in their written request, their name and last name, request explanation, address, date, signature and a copy of their ID/license. The access to the website will not change after the petition is made. For more information about data management, visit the website: Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

If the user believes there is a problem in the way that www.mimique.es is using their data, they can direct their claims to the Protection Data Authority in Spain.

6- Changes in the Privacy Policy

www.mimique.es will be allowed to modify the current Privacy Policy at any time, as long as newer versions of the Privacy Policy are published in their website. www.mimique.es will communicate it with a warning of any changes that may affect the users so they can agree to it.

The current Privacy Policy has been updated as of 04/01/2021 © www.mimique.es. All rights reserved.