1- Identifying data

As required by 11th of July law 34/2002, of the Service of the Society of the Information and E-commerce, the merchant onwards, Mimique applies to your understanding the following identified data of our business. In its capacity as a service provider of the information society, place of business at:

  • Avenida. Hermanos Menéndez Pidal, Nº34-Oficina 3 - 33005 OVIEDO
  • Spain
  • CIF E74426966
  • E-mail: info@mimique.es

2- Agreement

Access to this website implies that you accept the standards that we have established in this webpage and are clearly outlined and explained. Browsing, as well as simple access to our website and/or using the services we offer, make you a user of this website. It implies full agreement without reservations of the conditions outlined in this legal notice at www.mimique.es at the exact time the user is accessing our webpage. www.mimique.es reserves its right to modify unilaterally, at any given time and without previous notice, the clauses in this legal notice, as well as the configuration and, in general any other content or service in their website. Using our services and/or simple access to our website, means total agreement of any changes made to it. This is why www.mimique.es recommends that this document is consulted periodically, as well as any future changes made to this legal notice. When accessing our website you are bonded by our Privacy Policy as well as our Cookies Policy. These are clearly displayed to the user in their particular sections in this website and they complete the Legal Notice.

3- Webpage Use

The user acknowledges and accepts the voluntary use of our website and everything is done under the user’s responsibility. The user commits to using our website as well as all services and content without breaching any of the terms of use. While accessing our website, it is forbidden to:

Access without authorization any section of our website, to other systems or networks connected to the site, or to any server of www.mimique.es through hacking or other illegal methods, such as password theft.
Engage in any conduct that may harm, interrupt or provoke any error of our website or in a third-party equipment. Particularly, provoking the unnecessary overload of the website’s infrastructure, as well as the systems and networks connected to the website.
Transmit, install or publish any program, virus or harmful file.
Collect, disseminate or give to third-parties, other users’ personal information.
Replay, distribute or manipulate the website’s contents without explicit authorization of the owner.

4- Intellectual and Industrial Property

www.mimique.es owns the copyright for all intellectual and industrial content, including, photographs, brands, graphic design, fonts, design, structure of browsing, databases and any other content in this site. All content is licensed by our brand and the owner. The denomination of other products, services and brands that might appear in this document or on our website can be brands or other designated signs registered by their legitimate owners, without giving access or use to their website to the user on any of these other brands.

The user is only allowed to see and obtain a temporary private copy of the contents of this website for personal and private use in the user’s own computer device (software and hardware) and that cannot be passed on to third parties. With this exception, reproduction, public communication, distribution or transformation of any of the content is completely forbidden unless www.mimique.es has given explicitly written consent.

Included but not limited to:

The user is not allowed to use any of the information within our website with the intention to develop any comercial or professional activities (direct sales or any other kind of sales, or comercialize our content in any way).
The user is not authorized to delete, manipulate or elude the “copyright” as well as any other protection mechanism.
The user is not authorized to dismantle, decompile, or invert the database in which the website’s informations is stored. The unauthorized use of any of the information in this website, its resale or the infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights of www.mimique.es will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.

In the case that the user would send www.mimique.es information through any of the available channels, the user should declare, guarantee and accept that is in his/her right to do it. This will not infringe any right of the intellectual and industrial property, business secret or third party rights and this information is not confidential.

If the user has any knowledge of the existence of illegal content, contrary to the laws or that could become an infraction to the intellectual and/or industrial rights, they must notify www.mimique.es immediately by emailing: info@mimique.es.

5- Link Policy

www.mimique.es does not control the contents, conditions of use or practices of third party websites and does not assume any responsibility for them.

The user acknowledges and accepts that www.mimique.es is not responsible for third party websites and does not guarantee or accepts any harm or damages suffered while accessing their content through links in our website.

The reason for the existence of hyperlinks (links, banners, buttons etc…) is exclusively to inform the users about the existence of other sources of information, content or internet services. www.mimique.es will not be in any case responsible for the result of information received through hyperlinks, links or buttons or the consequences derived from the user accessing them.

Third-party content is provided by them and www.mimique.es cannot control the lawfulness of such content or the quality of the services offered by them. www.mimique.es does not offer or profit from them, neither approves, supervises or control in any way third-party links or any other material that exists on their sites. The user will assume all responsibility by browsing through them.

On the other hand, the addition of hyperlinks, links, banners or buttons with commercial purposes in other websites other than mimique.es , it is expressly prohibited without mimique.es written granted access to the specific domain.

The existence of hyperlinks will not imply, in any case, the existence of a commercial or personal relationship with the owner of the website where the links appear and mimique.es does not agree to their contents or services.

www.mimique.es reserves the right to prohibit or disable a hyperlink, link or button in their site at any given time. This is especially true for cases of unlawful practices or activities in the website where the hyperlink or connecting link is housed.

6- Limitation of Liah4ility

www.mimique.es vouches that it has adopted every technological measure, within its possibilities, to guarantee their website operation. www.mimique.es is committed to periodically improve their site to avoid any errors in content that could appear in their website.

www.mimique.es does not guarantee nor is responsible for:

The availability or continuity of content in their website.
The absence of errors in their content.
The temporary interruptions in service, delays, errors, poor functioning and, in general, other inconveniences that might be caused by unforeseen factors foreign to www.mimique.es , caused by the user or other unavoidable causes.
The non-existence of virus or other elements that can alter the user’s software or hardware or in the electronic documents and registry of activities and contents in them.
The handling by the user of the website’s content that could incur in a violation of any of the terms, national or international or the intellectual /industrial, or any third-party rights.
Any possible security errors that might happen or the possible damages that be caused by the user’s hardware or software, the registry of treatment activities or documents stored in it, as well as the browser or not having upgrades to newer browser versions.
The quality of the links that can be found on their site and that might send the user to other third-party sites. www.mimique.es is not responsible for the content or the circumstances in other websites. The access provided to these websites does not imply that www.mimique.es recommend or approve of their content.

7- Confidentiality and Data Protection

All user data provided while using our site will be treated according to our Privacy Policy.

8- General terms for Social Media Use

Any social media in which MIMIQUE C.B. participates, can include opinions, recommendations or disclosures to third parties, that do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MIMIQUE C.B and do not indicate their commitment to their course of action.

The information provided through the MIMIQUE C.B. profile in social media should not be considered as an exchange for face-to-face professional advice.

MIMIQUE C.B. is not responsible for the user’s behavior. The user is responsible for any responsibilities derived of their actions:

If a publication appears in social media that has not been shared or published by MIMIQUE C.B. or that might have been published by a third party.
If the social media platform is not working for technical reasons unrelated to the platform owner, third-parties or causes beyond our control, being these circumstances the responsibility or the social media platform or third parties.
If the social media platform changes their legal notices or terms of use.

9- Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies. Detailed information about our use of cookies can be found in our Cookie Policy section.

10- Notificacions

Every notification or communication (“Notification” from now on) sent to the user from www.mimique.es is considered effective when they are sent through the contact questionnaire in our website. Also, every notification that www.mimique.es sends will be considered valid if they have been made by using the information given by the user through any way of communication. By doing this, the user guarantees that the information provided is correct and that his information will be accordingly updated.

11- Duration and Termination

The existence of the website as well as the services offered within, has an indefinite existence. Nevertheless, www.mimique.es has the right to terminate or discontinue the services provided and they can cancel their website at any given time. When possible, www.mimique.es will warn their users about any termination or discontinuation of their website and their services.

12- Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

We indicate that for all the legal matters that may arise in connection with the interpretation, execution, services rendered, website content or any breach of the terms of use of www.mimique.es will be submitted to the Spanish court. We expressly submit to the competence and jurisdiction of the courts in Spain and the user waives the right to litigate in any other countries’s court.  This Legal Notice and Conditions of use has been updated on 4/1/2021

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