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This business is legally established as indicated in “Legal Notice, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.”


The following document (as well as other documents mentioned within this document) establishes the terms of use for this website.

We ask you that you carefully read our Terms and Conditions, the Legal Notice, the Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policy before you start using our website. When you use this website, you are agreeing to be a user and you are linked to its terms and conditions.

We understand “the user” to be a physical or juridical person who after agreeing to our terms of use registers in our website or uses it.

Agreeing to our present Terms and Conditions is mandatory and necessary to buy any of our products, although it could also be done as a guest user, whose information will be registered. Either way the user will have to accept to terms and conditions.

The current conditions will dictate the relationship between MIMIQUE C.B and the user or guest user. MIMIQUE C.B reserve its right to modify the present Terms and Conditions, that have been established for their on-line sales through their website, whenever they find it necessary or when the text needs to be changed to adjust to legislative or technological reasons. These new versions will be valid and will become in to effect as soon as they are published in their website. Therefore, any modification to the Terms and Conditions will not affect in any case any user who registered prior to this changes being made.


MIMIQUE C.B through its website allows a shopping service of a variety of products shown in www.mimique.es

www.mimique.es offers a limited right to access the content of their website, as long as The Terms and Conditions are abided by the user. When the user, registers as a user or guest user, accepts abiding by the current Terms and Conditions.


The user or guest user of www.mimique.es should be 18 or older and it will be responsible for providing legal and truthful information when filling out any established questionnaires to register or shop.

If as a consequence of registering, the user or guest user should gain a user name and password, the user or guest user commits to using them in a legal and confidential manner. The users or guest users are responsible for safe guarding their identifying information and/or passwords given by MIMIQUE C.B. and they will never provide this information to others, permanently or temporarily.

The user or guest user will be the only responsible party, if any third party were to use the MIMIQUE provided identifying information or password, due to a careless mistake, voluntarily sharing, loss of the information without having notified the issue to MIMIQUE C.B.

As mentioned above, it is the user or guest user’s responsibility to immediately notify MIMIQUE C.B if any unlawful use has been made of their identifiers/passwords due to theft, loss or unauthorized use, so MIMIQUE C.B can immediately cancel the account/registration. MIMIQUE C.B will not be responsible for any request, use, service or sale thought to be by the user or guest user before being notified of the issue. The responsibility falls completely on the user or guest user.

The access, browsing and use of our website is only given under the user or guest user’s responsibility and commitment to diligently and lawfully observe any additional instruction given by MIMIQUE C.B or by the authorized personnel by MIMIQUE C.B as it relates to the use of their website and its contents.

People under 18 years of age are not authorized to make purchases in MIMIQUE C.B. Any purchase made for minors should be made by an adult over 18. Under 18 users will need adult supervision when gaining access to www.mimique.es , becoming responsible if any false information is provided about the age of the user or guest user.


Any prices are displayed in the website. The user or guest user can pay by using a credit card: Visa, MasterCard, etc…

The user or guest user will need to introduce their information through the Stripe payment gateway. In order to finalize your purchase you will need to follow the steps outlined for you online.

MIMIQUE C.B reserves its right to change their prices, start sales or any another action at any given time, after having informed the users or guest users on their website or by email. Any possible changes will not affect any registrations that have already been made prior to this changes.


As outlined in the “Shipping & Returns Policy Section”.


Our Privacy Policy is part of our current Terms and Conditions. The user or guest use should read and know this Privacy Policy, particularly giving any personal data through the website.

Any personal information provided to MIMIQUE C.B. will be treated according to our established terms in our Privacy Policy. When using our website, the user or guest user declares that any information provided is truthful.


For any communication between MIMIQUE C.B. and the user, the user will need to reach out to the postal address or the electronic email address outlined in the “Legal Notice and Conditions of Use” section. MIMIQUE C.B. will always communicate with the user through the user provided information, preferably by email. The user agrees to be contacted by email for any exchange of information or to discontinue such communications from MIMIQUE C.B.


The headers in this clauses are only of an informative manner and they will not affect, clarify or modify the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions. If there were any discrepancy or contradiction within anything established under Terms and Conditions and the specific conditions that might have been established by the on line purchase, the specific conditions will prevail.

In the case that any provision or provisions of these Terms and Conditions were considered nulled or inapplicable, in their totality or in part, by any court, or administrative branch, this nullity or inapplicability will not affect the rest of the provisions to the Terms and Conditions or the specific conditions that might have been established.


We always welcome your comments and suggestions. Please send any complaint, claim, suggestion or comment by email to the address also indicated in #2 under Terms and Conditions: info@mimique.es

We would like to inform you that the competent authority regarding Data Protection in Spain is the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in case you feel any of your rights have been infringed, you can contact them at: https://www.aepd.es


The current Terms and Conditions and the relationship between MIMIQUE C.B. and the user, in particular as it refers to the knowledge and resolution of any conflict, discrepancy or difference of opinion, that may occur will be resolved by the Spanish regulations under the applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction.

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